Our Approach

Action Evaluation Collaborative is grounded in a recognition of the need for relevant and innovative approaches to the evaluation of complex social change and development work. Our guiding principle is to build the capacity of organizations, networks, coalitions, and collaborations to strengthen their strategies through critical thinking and putting knowledge to work serving a social change agenda.

Our approach is grounded in ethics that value the dignity and rights of every human being to have equal access to resources, representation, and decision-making. We also believe that inequality is the source of most social problems and one of the greatest obstacles to development.



  • ACTION – To engage an action-oriented partnership with organizations to help strengthen their strategies to carry out social change work
  • COLLABORATION – To collaborate with people throughout the process by putting into practice participatory methods best suited for each project
  • CAPACITY BUILDING – To build capacity of organizations to think critically and reflect on their contributions and impacts
  • KNOWLEDGE SHARING – To advocate for practical and meaningful knowledge sharing opportunities between constituents, including exchanges with the broader evaluation community
  • COMMUNICATE – To help organizations articulate their successes and tell their stories about complex social change work in an effort that informs internal planning as well as the broader field.