Grantee Evaluation Capacity Building – Mexico

Capacity building-Mexico: Getting the community’s point of view

For background on this project, read Capacity building-Mexico:Reflections on a new project (below on front page..) Other than working with the grantee project staff on their Theory of Action, we also visited the project beneficiaries. Our goals were to understand what has happened to date, the community’s expectations, and the current baseline of the issue of concern […]

Capacity building-Mexico:Theories of Action and establishing an evaluation framework

As part of our project conducting a participatory assessment of a  foundation’s new grantee portfolio in southern Mexico, I’m now in the Yucatán, conducting site visits to groups on the peninsula. To recap, our goals for the project are:  1) Establish a monitoring baseline, which will retrospectively provide a snapshot of grantees’ progress to date based on stated […]

Capacity building-Mexico: Challenges in building buy-in (Chiapas pilot)

We’re almost 2 weeks into the pilot, and nearly done! Tomorrow we just have one meeting in the morning with a group that has been very resistant to a field visit – so we’re just doing the office visit. One of the biggest challenges, somewhat unforeseen, has been the incredibly complex political situation in the […]

Capacity building-Mexico:Reflections on a new project…

  Our task: Set up and implement a participatory assessment of a  foundation’s new grantee portfolio in Southern Mexico.  We just arrived in Chiapas, Mexico to conduct the pilot of a project we began working on this  summer. There are two primary goals of the project, which creates some tension. First, to  establish a baseline “read” […]