Program and Organizational Evaluation

We collaborate with organizations to evaluate the impact of their work on communities and the quality of their implementation. We assist groups in integrating the process and product of the evaluation into their organizational practice.  (Remember, evaluation findings are meant to be used!)

We conduct summative (case-making), formative (informing management and strategy) and developmental evaluation (supporting and guiding innovative programs in emergent, dynamic, complex contexts).

AEC services include a range of practices to develop an evaluation plan that reflects your organization’s knowledge needs and social change goals.

  • Theory of Action as both a product and a process: Identifying the impacts and contributions that your organization intends to make by mapping out your short and long term outcomes.
  • Knowing how and what to measure when your work is often complex and messy. Using your Theory of Action to link your outcomes to indicators , that is, measurable evidence of meeting your social change goals.
  • Creating a data collection strategy that match your organization’s social change work. Understanding what, who, why and how you will learn what you need to know.