Capacity Building Resources

Evaluation capacity building and participation facilitation guides and worksheets.

A Multidisciplinary Model of Evaluation Capacity Building – By Hallie Preskill and Shanelle Boyle (2008) Evaluation capacity building (ECB) has become a hot topic of conversation, activity, and study within the evaluation field. Seeking to enhance stakeholders’ understanding of evaluation concepts and practices, and in an effort to create evaluation cultures, organizations have been imple- menting a variety of strategies to help their members learn from and about evaluation. Though there is a great deal of ECB occurring in a wide range of organizations, there is no overarching conceptual model that describes how ECB should be designed and implemented to maximize its success. If ECB is about learning how to think evaluatively and how to engage in sound evalua- tion practice, then something is missing in our work. The purpose of this article is to describe a model of ECB that may be used for designing and implementing capacity building activities and processes as well as for conducting empirical research on this topic.

Evaluate for Change Mini-Guide – AEC’s quick guide (and accompanying worksheets A through C) to developing an evaluation framework and plan (based on your own change strategy). Use our Theory of Action Facilitation Guide to get you started on developing your own change strategy using outcomes mapping.

Evaluate for Change – Worksheet A: An Evaluation Framework– Developing an Evaluation framework by linking outcomes and indicators. This worksheet should be used with our Evaluate for Change Mini-Guide.

Evaluate for Change – Worksheet B : Thinking about Data Collection Strategies – Making Who, What, and Why guide your decide of HOW to collect data strategically.

Evaluate for Change – Worksheet C: An Evaluation Plan – Making it happen; putting your plan into action!