Our Services

Action Evaluation Collaborative is dedicated to supporting social change, sustainable development and movement building work using strong, knowledge-based advocacy, and change strategies.

Action Evaluation Collaborative consultants have experience in both the U.S. and in the Global South in:

  • Summative and formative evaluations for for NGOs, Non-profits, community-based and community-organizing groups, and other civil society organizations, including foundations and collaborative initiatives;
  • Developmental and internal (performance) evaluations of organizations and collaborative initiatives;
  • Establishment of evaluation and M&E frameworks and systems for large international NGOs and collaborative projects.
  • Capacity building workshops and evaluation training;
  • Numerous qualitative and quantitative evaluation and research methods geared towards community development, social justice, social change and movement building initiatives;
  • Visual evaluation and research methods (video and photography) oriented towards helping organizations reflect on their everyday interactions and practices;
  • Collaborating with various stakeholders groups including grass-roots organizers and foundations to youth and members of international communities;
  • Setting-up participatory, knowledge-sharing spaces and processes for diverse groups working across sectors, cultures, political change goals, and power differences.