We have so many resources to share with you! Below are some a few highlights.

General Frameworks and Overviews – A place to start, when you’re not sure where to begin.

Considering Evaluation – An introductory  guide for groups doing (or interested in doing) evaluation of social change, movement building, and community-based work.

Making Change – How Social Movements Work and How to Support Them.

Evaluating impact, Defining success.Impact evaluation:  Debates, issues, and approaches

M&E Systems Design Resources – M&E system design.

Developing an M&E System for Complex Organizations takes a closer look at a methodology for designing an M&E system and the technical issues that need to be considered when developing such a system for complex organizations.

Capturing Change in Women’s Realities – A Critical Overview of Current Monitoring & Evaluation Frameworks and Approaches.


Developmental and Formative Evaluation Resources


“Hard to Measure” and Other Metrics Resources – Methods and tools for evaluating complex, hard to measure, work.



Capacity Building Resources – Evaluation capacity building guides and worksheets.

Take a look at our Evaluate for Change Mini-Guide and accompanying worksheets to help you develop an evaluation framework and plan.


Policy and Advocacy Resources – Policy change and advocacy evaluation.


Community and Youth Resources

Storyboard Activity – A highly participatory evaluation tool to engage people in telling their stories! The following evaluation tool is adapted from Kim Sabo Flores’ acclaimed book, Youth Participatory Evaluation: Strategies for Engaging Youth People.

Playing with evaluation concepts and methods helps level the playing field so that staff, program beneficiaries, and other key stakeholders can begin to see evaluation as something that everyone can do. By making evaluation processes participatory, fun, and relevant to the experiences of stakeholders, it is possible to collect rich, meaningful data and to co-create evaluations frameworks that more appropriately reflect your organization’s work and impacts.

Youth Participation in Community Evaluation Research by Barry Chechoway and Katie Richards-Schusser (2003) – Should young people participate in community evaluation research and, if so, what roles should they play? We believe that youth participation is desirable, but that it remains relatively undeveloped as a field of practice or subject of study. For this reason, this paper provides perspective on the increasing involvement by young people, identifies the participation patterns and evaluation roles of young people, and draws conclusions from empirically-based practice. It draws on the available literature, including our own participatory evaluation of a project intended to increase youth participation in organizational development and community change.