Evaluate for Change: Training Agenda

Training Agenda

(may shift slightly based on specific needs of participants)

Note: Participants will be assigned to a coach who will provide support to work with you on specific organizational projects.


1. Evaluation: A Tool for Change

  • Overview
  • New ways of thinking about knowledge, data, participation, collaboration, and utilization.

2. Theory of Action (TOA): Defining the particular value contributed by an organization or initiative

  • How to structure a participatory discussion that lifts up assumptions, clarifies intended impacts, and maps out the logic of how the work will bring about these changes.

 DAY 2

1. Tracking change: Working with outcomes surfaced in the TOA and linking them to approaches and methods for measuring and documenting these changes.

  • Overview of various methods, both quantitative and qualitative, with a particular focus on qualitative approaches given the nature of social change work and the challenges groups often feel measuring shifts in capacities, conditions, as well as advocacy and activism.
  • Participants will work on the development of an assessment and/or tool to be used in their organization.

2. Bringing it together: Analysis and application

  • Practical, accessible ways of understanding and interpreting findings, focusing on collective analysis and the application and integration of findings to strategy and planning.

3. Closing

 Workshop Follow-up  – Facilitators will provide up to 4 hours of support per organization to support the process of applying their learnings within their organizations



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