Theory of Action/Theory of Change- A few tips and lessons learned…

  • For a ToA to be more than just a map, the facilitator needs to be sure that the organization has the understanding and capacity to take on facilitation itself (for example by providing suggestions, a simple toolkit). The goal is for the   process of critical thinking to  happen independently of a facilitator, and for the tool to become a part of ongoing organizational reflection and learning. While outside facilitators are important in asking questions, pushing back, it’s not always feasible for  groups to have access to one on a regular basis. This facilitation guide can provide some guidance for groups interesting in leading, participating in,  and continuing to use ToA as a planning tool.
  • ToC processes can be long and seem overly theoretical, and raise questions about cost-benefit. Consider ways of making the process more accessible, especially for organizations with limited resources. A focus on a Theory of Action rather than Theory of Change can be more manageable, relevant for some groups.
  • ToA is best when considered as one tool in a larger toolkit of approaches and methods  to help groups prioritize, reflect, and evaluate.
  • It is often helpful to have groups complete a brief pre-ToA survey to get them thinking critically about their work. This can also help the facilitator to provide some framework for the change map; looking at a blank wall and a pile of post-its can be a bit daunting!
  • Be open to a variety of visual approaches to represent thinking. Not all people are linear thinkers, and complex change work be represented in many ways that reflect relationships and logic.
  • It can be helpful do bring findings from past assessments or evaluations to the conversation. While this could easily overwhelm participants, sharing a smaller number of salient points can be helpful. (One idea is to put a few points on white sticky paper around room)
  • Consider any visual representation as a work in progress. The goal is to have a rich, structured conversation that helps the group to strengthen their work, not a ‘perfect map’.


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